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A stronger community where everyone thrives is possible.

No one person, organization, company, or government can do this alone. If we act together we can reimagine our region and rebuild resilient, equitable communities.

Are you ready to do your part? Join other community-minded businesses that support building stronger communities for their employees and neighbors. Host a workplace campaign in 2021, and give your employees a chance to help their neighbors through payroll deduction. Ask yourself, what more can we do?  Commit to matching the donations your employees make, show them their company is stepping up to make a lasting impact for everyone in Pitt County.  

Together, we can strengthen education, earnings, and essentials for everyone in our community.   




The following materials are meant to help plan, promote, and generate awareness (and fun!) while running your United Way Campaign. 


Who is the United Way of Pitt County 

How YOU and United Way create Impact 

Where the money goes- Jamie

Campaign Emails & CEO Messages                

Let's Get Social                   


Print on 8 1/2 X 11 paper or coverstock and display throughout your company.

Young Adult

Woman in Crisis



Child at School

Out of Work



Print on 8 1/2 X 11 coverstock and display in your lunchroom or other locations throughout your company.

Where there's OPPORTUNITY, there's a WAY.   (5 designs)


Click on logo below and a new window will open. Right Click on the logo and SAVE IMAGE AS... png or jpeg.



If you cannot find what you are looking here for please contact James Earl Jones at 252-758-1604 ext. 209 or by email.

VIRTUAL ACTIVITIES                      

Even if employees are currently working from home, running a United Way campaign can help reconnect them in a fun-positive way that promotes team building, creates awareness, and helps their community.  

   VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING                                                                          

Bring your employees together in an activity that engages while building awareness of the needs and challenges facing our communities. Click HERE for a variety of virtual volunteer activities from around the world. Encourage employees to select an activity that they and family members can do together. Take pictures and submit results to share throughout the organization. If your company would like to support a kit-building activity for your employees to participate in, please reach out to United Way to discuss your goals for the activity and the costs per kit. 

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