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School Success Initiative Expands to Serve 150 Additional Students

United Way of Pitt County and Pitt County Schools will expand its school success initiative, Student Success Academy, to an additional 150 middle school students and their families.  Student Success Academy will target middle school students with year-round academic and social supports to increase their commitment to learning, foster family engagement, and empower youth with the skills necessary for success.

The goals of the program include helping students make a productive transition from elementary to middle school, helping students meet state and local standards in core academic subjects such as reading and math, and keeping students on track toward graduation.  This program also offers students a broad array of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) activities that complement their regular academic programs; and offers parent and caregiver engagement opportunities for participating families.

The Student Success Academy combines United Way of Pitt County resources with the experience of community partners and Pitt County Schools to provide a county-wide program that helps students transitioning to middle school discover and reach their full potential through enriching activities, academic and social supports, and leadership opportunities.  This program will now serve all 13 middle schools with after school programs at 7 sites that are strategically and geographically located throughout the county. 

 “High school graduation is the result of hard work by students and their parents and caregivers,” says Dr. Ethan Lenker, Superintendent, Pitt County Schools; ”this program brings Pitt County students up to a higher level of academic excellence and ensures that more students will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of accomplishment on graduation day.”  

The Student Success Academy prepares youth who may normally slip through the cracks by increasing their commitment to learning, building positive life skills and empowering them for future success.  The Student Success Academy is implemented by a group of non-profit local agencies including the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pitt County, Building Hope Community Life Center, the Intergenerational Community Center, United Way of Pitt County, and Pitt County Schools.  The Student Success Academy is provided by the United Way of Pitt County and Pitt County Schools to 100 rising 6th graders every year, the expansion is funded by a $1.27 million federal grant from the 21st Century Community Learning Center Program over the next four years.