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Pitt County Schools Gives Back


PCS strengthens, restores and renews our commitment to education 
and to the students we serve-
Every. Single. Day.



Imagine if the same unrelenting passion we give to our profession, to our individual schools or departments could be laser-focused in a unified effort in order to make a staggering difference in our community as a whole?  Many of us give extra funds to charitable causes and our time to efforts we believe make a difference.

What if, for ONE MONTH out of the year our 3600+ employees created collective change together?

What if we pooled our efforts, motivated each other, and rallied together for a time?

What a significant community impact we can affect in Pitt County! 

When PCS, the 3rd largest employer in Pitt County, partners with our local United Way, we do just that. Through our collective campaign efforts- led by the United Way, a proven community organization with real roots in Pitt County, we're working every day to break down barriers, connect communities and change lives. Together, we can help build a thriving community where everyone has the opportunity to live a safe, stable and successful life. Meeting basic needs provides an important foundation, but it’s not enough. Focusing on long-term solutions that create opportunities and eliminate barriers is the only way to strengthen our community for generations to come. We make significant, collective, and real change when we work together with our local United Way! 

Watch how your donations are making a local impact.

**New this year* ONLINE pledge and payment options!   

We invite you to support our entire community through an investment of funds through our United Way campaign by making a generous gift utilizing the convenience of payroll deduction. Click here to make your contribution through payroll deduction.

However, if you prefer to make a gift through your credit/debit card you may do so here. 

For traditional paper options, please see your school or department campaign representative. 

Pitt County Schools believes investing in United Way efforts is the best way to have the greatest impact on the health, financial stability, and educational success for the members of our communities. We hope you agree!  If you need more of an incentive, click here for information about our incentive program which again includes the annual leave day.


Give an hour. Give your best. Everyone has special skills and talents they can share to make a difference in our community. Through United Way, there are opportunities to volunteer for hands-on experiences or by providing leadership and direction for committees. Click here for more information.

INVEST heart
Learn about the issues affecting our communities, the lives impacted, and the partners who are changing lives. 


Thank you for your investment in our community. TOGETHER, we are continuing to make an impact right here where we live, work and play.

TOGETHER, we are making a collective change- Every. Single. Day.