Our Stories: Bria & Ah'mani

Bria, a single mother studying at Pitt Community College, heard about this voluntary program at her  doctor’s office. Once hearing about it, she decided to sign up for the program. Nurse-Family Partnership provided her the outlet, but she made the conscious decision to attend every appointment, never missing a single one, to empower herself and her daughter, Ah’mani.

Bria describes Ah’mani as a happy, inquisitive child who loves to be with her mother constantly. Through the child development resources Bria chose, she has enjoyed watching Ah’mani develop into someone intelligent beyond the expectation for her age. Bria has also to grown personally as a parent. She has learned more about the positive discipline, how to prevent safety hazards in her home, and has even opened up to building a stronger relationship with her mother in order to create the support system she desired.

Bria does wish that The Nurse-Family Partnership could be longer, but she has been able to obtain the skills, information and resources necessary to carry with her after graduation from the program. There  are still struggles she faces financially, but Bria is ambitious in achieving her goals. Despite medical issues with her eye, she is committed graduating with her Associate’s in Early Childhood and Human Services, and eventually getting a driver’s license. Even though Bria faces significant obstacles, she feels empowered to provide the best life for Ah’mani. It is important that The Nurse-Family Partnership program continue to enable first-time mothers to achieve a better life for themselves and their families.