Monthly Volunteer Challenge


Check-in each month to learn what the challenge will be and who it will help. Think about how to meet the challenge head-on, and the impact it will make. Reach out to your network of friends/family, neighbors/neighborhood, co-workers, church members, schools, and social media network to challenge them to join you in the volunteer activity! 

So why a monthly challenge? United Way partners with many amazing organizations throughout Pitt County, and wants to connect you to the great work taking place all around you each and every day. Through volunteering, you will learn about the issues and challenges that are affecting members of our community on a daily basis, and how YOU can make a difference.

So roll up your sleeves and support our community through our MONTHLY Volunteer Challenge!

Share the Warmth for children in our community.

We’ve all felt the raw winter winds blow across our exposed skin. Imagine a child standing at the bus stop huddled against the cold, not wearing socks. The cold stings their bare ankles, their feet like ice blocks. There are children in our Pitt County communities who know exactly how this feels.

THANK YOU for hosting a collection drive for new SOCKS, MITTENS and HATS for children of Pitt County! 

Please register your collection drive below. QUESTIONS? Reach out to Sue Tidd at

Remember to activate your network of co-workers, social media followers, your local neighborhood, church, etc. We will be accepting the donations during the months of December and January. 

THANK YOU for helping keep our children’s tootsies toasty this winter!

Collection Drive Leader Information
Tell us about your collection drive!

The Who-What-When-Where and How you are bringing it all together. We want to know! 


United Way is partnering with Pitt County Schools to distribute donated socks, hats & mittens. Please reach out and connect with Sue Tidd at to set a date and time for delivery of collected items.

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