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Grant Applications


The United Way of Pitt County is currently conducting a Community Needs Assessment. Through this assessment, we will be gaining your thoughts and opinions to help navigate and tailor their funding to Pitt County's most important and serious community needs. Due to this survey, we will not be accepting Grant Applications until January 2020.

United Way’s Board of Directors is not accepting proposals at this time. Please review the following if you are interested in applying in the future.

Before Applying

Starting a Letter of Intent or Application

Important Information

  • Organizations that wish to apply for United Way funding must be a 501 (c)3 organization.
  • Programs that are offered funding must sign a contract.
  • We work with approximately 25 volunteers to reveiw grants, and create community level goals and strategies to meet those goals.

If you have questions about our funding process please contact Dwain Cooper at 252-758-1604 ext. 210.

Community Impact Cabinet

Community Impact Cabinet Chair
Wayman Williams – Greenville Housing Authority (Chair)

School Success

Workforce Development

Basic Needs
James Rhodes – Pitt County Government (Co-Chair)