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Basic Needs

Being able to meet basic needs like safe housing, adequate food, and healthcare enables individuals and families to move from day-to-day existence toward the capacity to look to the future. Such a future could hold a steady job, a place to call their own – less time spent on the almost impossible decisions of a warm coat for a child, filling a prescription, something nutritious for supper.

At United Way, we connect people in need with local resources and assistance – when they need them. This is a critical part of our mission.

The United Way's 2-1-1 is a powerful tool available to address needs in real time. A free, easy-to-remember non-emergency telephone number connects people to vital health services and human resources that can improve lives. Call Specialists are waiting 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide information about the full range of available community service.

   They can help you find...

  •    Food, housing, and utility assistance
  •    Health care services
  •    Counseling, mental health, and substance abuse services
  •    Senior services
  •    Education and employment assistance
  •    Financial education and credit counseling
  •    Disaster Services